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Tournament Rules & Regulations. UyHk

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 Tournament Rules & Regulations.

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Tournament Rules & Regulations. Empty
PostSubject: Tournament Rules & Regulations.   Tournament Rules & Regulations. I_icon_minitime6/7/2013, 12:31 am

Welcome to the Tournament Arena

This is where you can check out and play in official HSA tournaments! Win TP (Tribute Points) and claim prizes by joining in! The HSA Staff will be host monthly tournaments with great prizes and lots of fun!

Rules for Hosting a Tournament

  1. If you are hosting a tournament, you cannot participate in it. As the host, it is your responsibility to ensure that all results are recorded correctly. If you are participating in the tournament, you are liable to miss results, or possibly give the win to the wrong person. When acquiring results, get confirmation from both parties.

  2. Before you can host a tournament, you must post a topic that contains all rules, ban-lists, and prizes. You must then get approval from at least one admin and one other admin/moderator to host the tournament. Tournament permissions will be given via replies. Once you have received permission, open a new topic that contains a link to the original tournament request and begin the signups.

  3. If you are to host a tournament, you must make a Challonge account to host the brackets with. DO NOT MAKE OPENING BRACKETS UNTIL YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO HOST THE TOURNAMENT! When making the opening brackets, please copy and paste all rules into the bracket rules. this is for verification purposes and also to use as reference for violations of tournament rules.

  4. If a ban-list is to be placed for your tournament, you must specify it in your opening topic. If you wish for participants to send you their decks, notify them of such in your opening post and ask for them to be sent to you via HSA private messaging. If this is done, you are required to perform deck checks during the matches to ensure that everyone is using the deck that he/she registered with for your tournament.

  5. If you have a member capacity, or a default date for the tournament to start, make sure you include it in your opening post. (ex. 'If by DATE, # participants have not signed up, we will/will not start the tournament') When making your tournament request, consider times and dates. Do not make a tournament that will last for more than a week (within reasons you can). A tournament should not get dragged out. (ex. having 20 members playing a Round Robin - This will be denied).

  6. Prizes such as TP, real cards donated by you, and just about anything you can think of is allowed (Currency is not allowed, as there is no way to confirm the transferring of the money from one party to another). REMEMBER that prize(s) are also a consideration for approval. Do not offer up physical items if you do not intend to actually give them to the winner(s). When offering physical prizes, ensure that all participants post their mailing addresses with their signups (or via PM for security measures - If via PM, retain the PMs until the tournament is complete). If you do and do not follow through with the prize, your membership within HSA will be revoked. Remember, once you post that a physical prize is up for grabs, you are under a legal contract with HSA and the participants of the tournament.

Rules for Signing-Up For & Playing in a Tournament

  1. When you sign up for a tournament you must post your schedule (along with your timezone - TIME ZONES ARE A MUST, you can check your timezone here) unless you are available at the times arranged by the host. Sometimes there will be conflicts. If such a conflict arises, make your signup post and the admins will ensure that the host reschedules dates/times. Before challenging your opponent, make sure to check your opponent's schedule and arrange a time that you are both comfortable with and be available at the time you say you will. If during the tournament, that if you are unable to contact your next opponent via DN, send 1 HSA PM to that member and also post a reply to the tournament topic stating such contact has been made. that members' If you have an emergency (whether a family member passes, or like myself being a working user, get called in for work, such a situation will be plausible if we are notified in advance.

  2. Follow the instructions placed by the host. This includes ban-lists and brackets. Do not challenge some random person if your opponent is online and available. If you log in and your next opponent is in a duel, contact them and patiently await for them to finish their activity.

  3. Be respectful to your fellow HSA members at all times. Failure to do so may/will result in disqualification from the tournament. Take your loss in a sportsman/sportswoman (for the ladies out there) like manner, and be humble in your victories.

*** These are the rules & regulations for HSA Tournaments. By requesting and/or hosting a tournament through HSA, you hereby agree to the above rules & regulations. If any rules are broken, whether tournament rules or HSA rules, the tournament will be placed on standby and will follow with our usual policy of investigation. Violations may also result in disqualification by HSA Staff or the host of the tournament. If the tournament can be continued, the host will be given permission to continue with the tournament.

Good luck to everyone.
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Tournament Rules & Regulations.
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