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 Rules & Regs

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PostSubject: Rules & Regs   Rules & Regs I_icon_minitime3/17/2013, 2:50 pm

These are the HSA Official Rules & Regulations.

1 ) Be ACTIVE in the academy. That means constantly participating in Academy Events, Tournaments, Battle Arena and Shadow Arena. If you are inactive without a given reason, your account with HSA will be deemed inactive.

2 ) DO NOT Spam. The following is considered as Spamming:

Click Me:

3 ) SHOW RESPECT to Staff AND Members. If you have a complaint, send it in PM to an Admin (The Staff List can be
found here).

4 ) BACK SEAT MODDING IS PROHIBITED. If you want to act like a moderator find another place for it. If you want to report something, do so in a PM to one of the Staff.

5 ) HSA is NOT responsible for any mess outside of the forum. If someone insults you on DN in the public/private chat, don't contact us. If it is done within HSA, we will take care of it.

6 ) NO advertising! Advertising can only be done in the section meant for it (Off-Topic Discussion Forum and Signatures). If you advertise outside of these areas, you will be banned for a week.

7 ) Signature Rules :
- The maximum size for a signature is 900x200 (Also, if you have more than 1 signature, you MUST place them in a spoiler).
- You may advertise through your signature (It must be appropriate. If we see anything offending, you will either be warned or banned, depending on the material being advertised).

8 ) No double accounts! This will result in an IP Ban from the forum. This includes using proxies.

9 ) Violations of these rules may/will result in the following:

Click Me:

Each Violation will place a Member on a "Probation Period". Each accumulated Offense will add 1 month to your period. While on "Probation", you will be placed in a hidden group on the CP until your period has concluded.

Copyright Law. You cannot use other people's work as your own unless you get permission for it. Examples are: Posting deck-lists of other persons as your own without giving credit for such things, using signatures that other people made as your own with no permission, etc.

These are the rules & regulations for HSA. There are only two ways in this academy; OUR way, or the highway. If you do not like these rules, just remember that you are not required to be a member of HSA.
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Rules & Regs
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