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 Academy War

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PostSubject: Academy War   Academy War I_icon_minitime7/25/2013, 11:21 pm

Academy War

HSA vs Majestis Academy

Founder vs Founder :: Blue_Panda ? vs probbins2008

Head of Mods Vs Co-Founder :: dmob232 vs dnmn12 dnmn12 wins 2-1, https://i.imgur.com/qzSCY3x.png

Mod vs Mod :: Prince vs Arkasio2

Mod vs Mod :: Vynda vs luluanime :: luluanime wins 2-1, both participants confirmed

Middle Dorm vs Middle Dorm :: WATERSTREAMER vs Zero1222 Zero1222 wins
2-0, https://i.imgur.com/icAlb7R.jpg

Banned Decks are as follows::

General Decks

Stall - This includes RFP decks (Decks whose goal is to constantly banish. Ex, D.D. Decks)
Egyptian Gods

Tier 1 Decks

Fire Fists/Fire Kings
Suppressor Dragon

The Duels may begin tonight once you have confirmed your opponent. Duels will be match duels hosted in Advanced Unrated. If the host does not host in Advanced Unrated, do not enter the duel. Simply inform them that they should be in Advanced Unrated and proceed. Snapshots are preferred for confirmation of the victory. If you are not able to contact your opponent, duels may proceed throughout the weekend. Sunday morning, any uncompleted duels will be defaulted as a draw.

Good luck to all participants!!
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Posts : 119
Join date : 2013-03-17
Age : 29
Location : United States

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PostSubject: Re: Academy War   Academy War I_icon_minitime7/27/2013, 6:20 pm

This War has concluded as HSA has three victories. I hope that both sides enjoyed the duels and know that we look forward to future competitions.

As a Reward for our Victory, all participants have been given 300 TP. Use them wisely.


~ The Staff of HSA

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Academy War
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