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 How Duels in The Yami-no-Game Arena Work

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PostSubject: How Duels in The Yami-no-Game Arena Work   5/17/2013, 11:14 pm

A Shadow Game, known as a Death Game in the Japanese version (Yami-no-Gēmu, literally Game of Darkness or Dark Game) is a contest in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series generally between two people that involves a harsh penalty for the loser.

In a Yami-no-Game Duel ::

The stakes :: All NWA Points! No if's, and's, or but's about it! If your points are higher than the opponent, only that amount is to be put on the line.

As usual, you CANNOT use these decks :: Burn, Mill, FTK, & Exodia, Stall, & OTK (3 turns must be given to the opponent). Further decks must be stated in the challenging post.

Rules for challenging a Yami-no-Game::

You are only permitted to challenge a member who is in the same dorm or higher::
--Sealed members can challenge anyone.
--Tamer members can only challenge Tamers or higher.
--Master members can only challenge Masters or higher.
--King members can only challenge Kings or higher.
--Overlord members can only challenge Overlords or higher.
--Staff, you can only challenge other Staff members. This includes Testers, Moderators, and GFX Team.

Once the challenge has been posted, AND opponent accepts in a reply, you and your opponent will duel in a best 2/3 Match. NO Single Duels are permitted. Confirmation from opponent MUST be provided (if instead snapshots are provided, 'Opponent Admits Defeat' MUST be visible somewhere in the picture).

Once you have participated in a Yami-no-Game Duel, you are NOT permitted to participate in another for 14 days unless your most recent outcome was a victory.

Good Luck to all who wish to enter the Shadows!!!

**Please note - The artwork in this post does not belong to me. Belongs to ~kryptangel92 from deviantart.com. I simply re-sized the image.**
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How Duels in The Yami-no-Game Arena Work
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